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A new life begins after you get married. Nobody wants that something goes wrong in their married life and they lose their partner. Therefore, it is essential to make your choice carefully even if you know the person from a long time. But no matters how careful you stay on your side, the person lying to you always play safely. In case of marriage, this condition makes the relationship worse, and you end up with frustration.

Therefore, before entering into your new life make sure you know everything about the person. The past life of the person may put the severe impact on your present life especially if you are with someone who is not loyal to you. Past relationship can ruin the present and hence it is your responsibility that you check everything before jumping to any decision.

A person may be already married to someone and still go to marry someone else because of financial status. This is the common reason that the people hide their marital status and play with someone’s life and emotions. But alertness and attentiveness can help you here. Here are few signs to make you alert that you are dating a married person.

Signs to know whether he is married or not

Limited availability – if the person sees you or meets you in the odd hours then there is a possibility that the person is married. The married person often searches for the time when their spouse is not near them. So, if you get only limited time with your partner, then it’s time to be alert.

Few friends- a cheating person is very selective. They introduce you to few of their friends or none of them to play on the safe side. If the person does not introduce you to your close friends or relatives, then beware of such relationship.

Never invites– if the person says that he/she is serious about you but never invite you at home to introduce you to the parents then something is fishy. Maybe because his/her spouse is at home or the people nearby will notice you and inform his partner.

No holidays or events- if the person does not take you to the events that matter to both of you then likely the person is going to with the partner.

Secluded places- if the person always takes you to the secluded places it is because he is afraid of getting caught by others. He/she does not want to be spotted with you so that he/she remains on the safe side. But if the person is not adventurous then you can say it with surety.

Distance in public– if your partner is comfortable when you both are alone but not in public places then he might be hiding something. Don’t fall for such person as he is only hiding the truth and always try not to be in the view of the person he knows.

However, if the above signs make you, even more, confuse then to know how to find out if someone is married public records will surely help you.

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