How can you find out if someone is married?

Many people just fall for someone without knowing about him. Some people fall for even those who are married. If you are aware of the marital status of the person, then it might be your choice. But few people are unaware of the fact because the other person is not willing to inform. The easiest way is to ask directly before starting the relationship, but the result is not always accurate as the person might be lying. However, using few smart techniques or detective skills, one can quickly find out the truth.

Few things to notice in a person

Look for the signs– a wedding ring or the tan line made by the ring is an indication that the person might be married. Some people remove the ring to pick up dates when their spouse is away. But, the tan lines might be because the person has recently got divorced or separated.

Listen to them closely- If a person often talks about someone, then the person might be their spouse. But the key is to know about the way of spending free time. Does he/she go to the club or trip? To whom they talk about every time. However, the method will not give you the accurate results as the nature of the person is highly responsible for their behaviors.

Unusual patterns– if the person always turns done the date you suggest or make the plan as per their suitability then probably these are the indication of an alternate life of that person.

Dare to ask– the simple way is to ask questions about the past life. Analyze the person behavior towards you on asking the question. If the person gets irritated on asking the question then surely you were right. Usually, when a person lies, you can observe a change in his reaction and behavior. Over defensive, avoiding eye to eye contact, sweating are some of the signs that you will see when the person tell lies. Notice these signs, and you will get the answer.

Visit courthouse– visit the city courthouse where the marriage records are kept. The records are useful in finding out the marriage history of someone. By paying a small fee, you can also get a copy of the record. Maybe the person was married and is a divorcee now then simply checking the marriage record will fuel the fire. So, make sure that you also check the divorce records.

Investigate- if you can afford then hire a detective or a private investigator. It relieves you from the burden of doing things on your own. Also, you will be on the safe side, and your doubts will get clear.

Search on websites– few websites can help you in this investigation. However, there is no guarantee that they offer the accurate and legal results. Stay away from such sites.

Ways are many, but you have to have a strong reason to do so as it can hamper your relationship. Try multiple methods to assure that the results are reliable and you can take necessary actions. Use any method only when you get some hints about the person.

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