How to find out if someone is married legally?

The marital status of few persons may become the topic of investigation. Every country possesses a record of the marriage status of their citizens. The record is to identify who is married and who is unmarried? There might be few cases when these records need to be checked.

If you are about to get married but your partner does not seem to be loyal to you or not talk about his past then checking his/her marital status is vital for your future. A marriage record or database can tell you everything that you wish to know. However, there are few other ways to find out the truth.

Ways to know the marital status-

  • Check the marriage record
  • Ask the person who knows the suspect
  • Check their social profiles
  • Directly ask the person

In some situation where a person has not overcome from his/her past married life then they might not discuss with their partner. It might due to the painful relationship but to make the present trouble-free it is important to discus about the previous married life. Whatever may be the reason, if you feel the necessity of their past life then don’t feel bad to investigate.

Public records can tell you everything. You must have the information like the date of birth, driver’s license number, first and last name.  If you are close to that person then you must know all these details otherwise you will get no results.

Some websites provide the information as these are used to check the background of the employees. But to access such sites, you have to pay a few fees. Here, also some basic details should be known to the person accessing the records. You will get other info from previous jobs, mobile number and address as well.

Another way is to use the person’s mobile number to search on the marriage record. If the mobile number of the person is listed in the directory then easily you can extract the legal marriage information. In such records, the name of the spouse is listed together.  This method will not work if the name is not listed in the directory.

An expensive but reliable method is to hire a detective agency. It is useful especially if you nothing about the suspect. The agency will do the job and investigate the person’s past relationship. Make sure that you hire a reputable detective agency who is experts in this field. Any mistake in this may cost you heavily. The process is legal if done for any legal purpose.

Whether you are already in the relationship with the person or going to be very soon the information about his past life is essential to have a better future. Many people hide their marital status just to acquire some benefits.

The first and essential thing to remember is that always follow a legal procedure to save yourself from the claims that a suspect might put on you. The most reliable method is to check the record of marriage.

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