How to find out if someone is married or divorced?

Getting married is the new beginning of your life but one the same side if you are going to married to a divorcee then it is vital to check the divorce records. Taking divorce is not simple and it requires the petition filed by both the parties. The divorce process takes time but once is done then it serves as the evidence that the person is officially divorced. However, checking the marriage certificate or divorce certificate is the best way to find out whether the person is married or divorced.

The state does not allow or permit anyone to access such records for their purpose. Some country even puts restrictions on the person accessing such records. Hence, if anyone in need of searching married or divorced records must know the accessibility and scenarios when the court will allow seeing the records. However, not in all case you have to trace the records, few simple methods is sufficient to answer you about the married or divorced life of a person.

Why may you need divorce records?

A divorce record is essential in case the person is going to remarry. This is important for both the parties. But if the person is not ready to give you the certificate of divorce then you may get it on your own from the public record. It is an excellent way to check the marital status of a person.

Who can access the divorce or marriage records?

Divorce certificates and marriage certificates are considered as public records. Anyone can access the records, but few records are the exception as the courts seal them because of some legal proceedings. The reason could be to protect the name of any victim of domestic violence or to protect the sensitive or private information of a person.

If you are the member of the parties involved in marriage or divorce, then you can easily access the records. Let me tell you that accessing the public records is just a legal way to figure out whether the person is married or divorced. However, if you still want to access the divorce records then follow the procedure.

County office– if the person knows the state where the divorce took place then the county office is the best place to view the records. Some countries allow the person to make a request online through the websites. Pay a nominal fee and fill the purpose of placing a request and getting the certified copy.

Third party website- a third party can also give you information about the records. Search the person by name and get the results within few minutes.

The two of the ways to view the divorce records will tell you whether the person is divorced or still the procedure is under process. Those who are going to marry someone who claims to be divorcee then this way is best to know the reality. Or simply search on the google and you will get ample of ways to find out if someone is married or divorced.

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