How to find out if someone is married?

Marriage is such a big event of the person’s life. A person needs not to inform everyone about his marital status. But marital status is an essential factor in determining ways to execute a pre-nuptual agreement. A premarital background can give you the information you required for such purpose. However, the marriage records are not available publically, and they are the matter of tough restrictions. A marriage certificate is evidence which proves that the person is married.

Few people may ask the private investigators about the marital status of a person, and there may be many good reasons behind this. Relationship of the stranger might not affect you but when you are going to have a future with someone, knowing their marital status is important.

3 Ways to know if someone is married or not

Here are few ways to figure out whether a person is or has ever been married.

Marriage certificate

Marriage certificate or record is the best and very reliable proof to find out the marital status of a person. But to get the record is not easy as no one can simply access the record except in case of any legal matter. The person in need of such information should have exact details of the person whose marital status he wishes to know.

  • The pre-marriage name of the person
  • A time range in which the suspect got married
  • The state where the person got married

However, even if the person has the above information, still other problems restrict the person from acquiring information. In the country like Virginia, the person must belong to one of the parties, i.e., either to the bride or groom family. The person cannot access the information of a marriage that has not completed 25 years. If the individual has legal permission, then he can access the record. Legal purpose includes-

  • If the person is spouse of the suspect and doubt the previous marriage
  • To execute a will
  • Matters related to children custody
  • As an evidence of legal processing

However, to access the marriage record the person has to pay some fees depending on the country laws.

A private investigator

A private investigator can help in finding out the marital status of the suspect. Investigators use a powerful database to trace the pattern of a person’s life that indicate whether they are married to someone or not. The investigator can find out information about the place of living of that person, the person living with them, their previous name and their property.

All such information is helpful for their investigation. If the name of suspect changes from their previous name then probably the suspect is married.

Social media profiles

Social media is a good source to gather information about any person. A person having the account on social media fills his or her basic information like name and address. Thus, searching for the suspect profile can help you in this matter. There are even ways to get information is the person has made a fake profile.

Hence, using any method, anyone can reveal the marital status of the suspect.

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